Bitcoin Price Will Have ‘No Difficulty’ Hitting $10k, With 30,000 New Wallets a Day: Max Keiser

Bitcoin Price Will Have ‘No Difficulty’ Hitting $10k, With 30,000 New Wallets a Day: Max Keiser

After Bitcoin hit $6,000 and stayed above it Monday,

the virtual currency’s most famous fans are confident $10,000 will involve little effort. Mixed messages are accounting for Bitcoin’s sudden second surge above the $6,000 mark, with Max Keiser pointing to a combination of

factors for underlying support.

30,000 new #Bitcoin wallets a day. ETF coming soon. Wall St. just getting started. Regulators waking up to their impotence. Hello $10,000!

The move itself, however, could be down to just one trader, analysis on

social media suggests.

it wont appear in the feed due to time to close but all signs point to a top holder getting liquidated credit

Bitcoin continues to deny bubble criticism from major legacy finance figures, which now include infamous investor Warren Buffett, while JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has taken a back seat in his cryptocurrency chiding. Keiser meanwhile remains steadfast in his prediction of an easy ride to $10,000 per Bitcoin, reiterating his long-term target since 2011 being ten times that – $100,000.

Anyone who thinks otherwise, he wrote on Twitter Monday, “has not been paying attention.” Bitcoin prices reached a new all-time high of $6,300 Sunday before tailing off to hover around $6,110 at press time. The move dragged altcoin markets along with it, with the top ten seeing 24-hour gains of up to 6.6 percent. Bitcoin Cash, too, has achieved multi-week highs with its Sunday trading price of $475 at its highest since mid-September.

Bitcoin Fork SegWit2x:

eToro Draws Battle Lines While OKEx Could Service China

The Bitcoin industry continues to take different approaches

to SegWit2x as eToro and OKEx issue their positions on the Bitcoin hard fork. In statements over the past week eToro became one of the more skeptical exchange platforms, opting for limited SegWit2x support and shunning the Bitcoin Gold fork altogether. “…In the case of the upcoming Bitcoin2X fork, there is no Replay Protection, which may lead to transaction errors and double spending,” a dedicated blog post reads. eToro added it would continue applying the BTC ticker to the Bitcoin Core chain, unlike others such as Xapo, which has stated BTC could signify the SegWit2x chain should the latter receive adequate support.

Conservative standpoints like eToro’s have seen support from community commentators, with popular commentator WhalePanda even endorsing companies treating SegWit2x as an altcoin. OKEx meanwhile has taken a more inclusive stance. Coming at a time when a major p2p trading offer is about to launch, rumors say Monday, the exchange’s support for the 2x chain could affect the huge domestic Chinese market. “…As a company dedicated to promote Bitcoin application, we strive to provide the best services to our customers. Therefore, we will support all major Bitcoin technical development roadmaps and respect our customers’ individual desire,” OKEx wrote in

its corresponding announcement.

“The […] token supporting Segwit2x will be named as BT2, the token derived from the original chain will be named as BT1.  If the hardfork occurs then BT1 will be renamed as BTC.”

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