ETF Firms File to Create Blockchain Investment Products

Two firms specializing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) filed

with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to create blockchain-related vehicles this past week. Reality Shares Advisors, a subsidiary of Reality Shares ETFs, plans to work with Nasdaq Inc. to offer securities for different blockchain companies. Similarly, Amplify Trust ETF also filed for permission to invest and trade in blockchain startups. Neither company completed their prospectus applications, but they both indicated they would exclusively invest in different blockchain companies.

According to Reality Shares’ application:

“Blockchain technology may be used to support a vast array of business applications in many different industries and markets, and the extent of its versatility has not yet been fully explored. As a result, the Index may include equity securities of both operating and non-operating companies.”

Both companies noted that, due to the early-stage status of the technology, investing in it could prove risky, particularly since there is no regulation surrounding the space and some blockchain-based services may not turn a profit.

The two applications shared several common details, including the stipulation that only companies with market capitalizations greater than $200 million and a six-month daily trading average of at least $1 million would be considered for the fund. Neither prospectus is complete, and both companies included disclaimers stating that the details of their indices may change. The companies need to complete the forms, and the SEC has to rule on each application before either organization can begin offering securities to investors.

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