North Europe’s Largest Conference Moontec Set to Welcome Top Enterprise Blockchain Projects

North Europe’s Largest Conference Moontec Set to Welcome Top Enterprise Blockchain Projects


The Moontec conference is set to welcome speakers

from companies including Maersk, IBM, and Revolut to Tallinn, Estonia on 26 November for a two-day event that will emphasize the development of workable blockchain solutions for business.

Such a forward-thinking information society as Estonia provides the ideal setting for blockchain projects as it works to attract the cutting-edge of innovation. Citizens in Estonia, now not even limited to residents since the advent of E-Residency, have access to a digital identity which can encompass various facets of their day-to-day life. Since Estonia introduced licensing for companies operating in crypto less than a year ago, there have been nearly a thousand successfully issued licenses. Such moves have helped to position Estonia at the top in terms of providing a conducive environment for blockchain entrepreneurs, along with other popular locations such as Malta, Switzerland, and South Korea.

Interest shown towards blockchain in Estonia has never been higher and this year’s Moontec is dedicated to discussing the biggest challenges facing the nascent technology nowadays. These are issues surrounding regulation, market adoption, and crucially finding application in real-world practice. This reflects a notable shift in the space from a focus on exploring the manifold use cases, to building practical solutions for business. It is likely that this will be where blockchain starts to realize its full potential; many top businesses, such as those sending thought leaders to Moontec, are investing money into developing blockchain projects.

Moontec thus hopes to stimulate discussion and help to clarify the wider, general goals of blockchain in enterprise. By contributing to a discourse that helps build consensus for a stable vision of blockchain development, attendees and speakers alike can help foster progress towards functional applications. Support from the highest levels of Estonia is self-evident with the former Prime Minister, now Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee, due to be in attendance. Opening the event with a speech is Ott Vatter who is Deputy Director of the E-Residency programme.

So the message coming out of Moontec 18 is already clear: let’s work as a community towards building the best practical blockchain applications for business. There is also a clear message from Estonia as the pioneering Baltic nation continues to send positive signals to businesses. They say they are committed to aiding this process as much as possible and will innovate to help entrepreneurs from all corners of the world. It is self-evident that they are currently doing this to great effect. Moontec will to this end be a crucible for wider progress in blockchain for enterprise.

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