LIQUIDATED Cryptopia Exchange Review 2019 Mini Guide

[LIQUIDATED] Cryptopia Exchange Review | 2019 Mini Guide


What is Cryptopia?

Designed to fill a gap the market needs, Cryptopia is a somewhat different cryptocurrency exchange. It allows users to buy and sell their assets, but, unlike various other exchanges where transactions are taken care of by the exchange itself, Crypto proposes a new model where users can trade among them directly.

How it works?

Not only that, but this all-in-one exchange/trading site also allows anyone to buy, sell, and trade almost any object, product, or service using cryptocurrency, including gift cards. Traders are provided with the option of buying altcoins at whatever prices are being offered by other traders on the platforms, and also sell them at any price just as easily. An important aspect that must be noted is the fact that currencies can be transferred between users free of charge. This transfer passes through Cryptopia and not along the blockchain. Users are also provided with the option of setting up auctions, where cryptocurrencies can be transferred for real items and services.

Exchange Features

Cryptopia is the successful platform it is today mostly thanks to its unique proposition it brings to the market, but also thanks to its large range of features designed to cater to all users’ needs and wants. One of the most interesting (and potentially innovative) features of Cryptopia is the platform’s
Marketplace. It’s the place where users can buy, sell, and trade anything for cryptocurrencies. The Arbitrage is a unique information section where you can see the prices of coins listed on other exchanges. This feature is very useful for newbie users who want to make sure that their
decisions are as informed as possible.

Coininfo is yet another useful feature that provides instant, up-to-date information regarding more than 500 coins supported by the platform. Users can view information such as ratings, connection numbers, wallet status, listing status, and block height.

Paytopia is a service (or product) offered directly by Cryptopia, and it includes a wide array of promotional tools to help users create compelling listings. A surprising feature of the platform is the Lottery. With it, you can participate and win daily and monthly prizes. Lastly, we have
Mineshaft which is Cryptopia’s mining platform. It’s designed to work with multiple cryptocurrencies, and it supports the very best and most popular miners on the market. Best of all, it supports GPU and CPU mining as well.

Exchange Fees

Generally, there are two kinds of fees associated with Cryptopia: exchange fees, and withdrawal fees. The first type of fees depends on which particular currency is being transferred, while the second only applies when withdrawing NZD from an account. When withdrawing cryptos from a
Cryptopia to your wallet, users will have to play a transaction fee as well. Still, overall, the fees are relatively low.

Is Cryptopia Safe & Secure?

Cryptopia is regarded as being a generally secure platform by most within the cryptosphere. Cryptopia does not distribute any personal information it collects from its users. The platform makes use of an HTTPS security certificate, as well as two-factor authentication. At the end of the day, the best proof that Cryptopia is a legit, safe, and secure platform is represented by a large number of users it has.


In a market over-saturated of cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s impressive that Cryptopia manages to set itself apart by coming up with a different proposition. This peer-to-peer, all-in-one exchange supports over 500 cryptocurrencies and allows users to send and receive cryptos from other users without any transfer fees. It also offers a wide range of products and services. On the flipside, without proper research, not all users can get good value out of its offers. Furthermore, more seasoned traders and investors will find the platform to be lacking advanced trading features.

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