Are Altcoins Dead? Bitcoin BTC Gathers Momentum As Domaince Tops 70 Leaving 30 For Altcoins

Are Altcoins Dead? Bitcoin (BTC) Gathers Momentum As Domaince Tops 70% Leaving 30% For Altcoins


Again, Bitcoin BTC soars despite comments made by financial institutions

and government bodies. The price rose to $11,000 from $10,700 the previous night. Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry have been under attack from political figures and the government. The onslaught started the US president Donald Trump, who called bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market ‘substance less’. The chief of the Federal Reserve took the baton and criticized bitcoin, the crypto industry and facebook’s plan to launch its cryptocurrency. The most recent advocate for the ban on cryptocurrency was US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin.


Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019 – Bitcoin’s Dominance Surges To 70%

Bitcoin news today learned that Steven Mnuchin believed that cryptocurrencies were a risk to national security and could be exploited to finance terrorism, drug trafficking, tax evasion, and cybercrimes. Steven Mnuchin also declared that he didn’t feel comfortable with facebook’s proposed move to cryptocurrency. Analysts, on the other hand, give a bitcoin price prediction in favor of a rise in the price of bitcoin BTC. Tom Robinson, the chief scientist in a blockchain forensics company called Elliptic said that the government’s stand against bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry was bullish as the government’s stand only seemed to bolster bitcoin BTC. Tom Robinson stated that the government already had anti-money laundering laws in place.

Bitcoin latest update shows that Bitcoin rose by 8% in the last 24 hours from less than $10,000 to the $10,800 mark where it currently resides. The BTC briefly touch the $11,000 mark but couldn’t remain there for long. It has been trading comfortably at the $10,600 to $10,700 range. This rise in price for the number one cryptocurrency in the industry is a much-needed boost. This is because there has been a trend of dips across the major coins in the market. Having a strong and steady BTC is hoped would stabilize the other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction – Bitcoin Latest Update – Bitcoin’s Positive Resurgence Is Hope For The Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin price prediction made by crypto analysts shows a resistance level of $11,00 to $11,200. The supporting levels are $10,600 and $10,300. Bitcoin BTC market cap stands at $190 billion. It has over 17million BTC coin in circulation and ROI of 7,862.71%. The 24hr volume stands at over $22billion. Bitcoin MACD is bullish and the RSI is 60. Researchers and analysts point out from a bitcoin price analysis that a dominant BTC was the norm in the cryptocurrency market. Trader and crypto analysts Luke Martin showed the pattern of dominance by bitcoin throughout history. Bitcoin dominates up to 90 percent of the cryptocurrency market. He stated that it would be odd if that dominance fell to 50 percent or below, as Bitcoin BTC affects the other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin price forecast shows that the rise for bitcoin will remain bullish and it will continue to dominate the crypto market. An expected rise to $15,000 before the end of the year is predicted. This mark seems feasible even though there have been some rough patches in the climb to attain that goal. A bitcoin price prediction sees the value of BTC reaching $30,000 in the next two years.

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3 Major Indicators the Altcoin Season Might Skip a Year

3 Major Indicators the Altcoin Season Might Skip a Year

                             TheMerkle_Spain Limiting Cash usage


It has been a very interesting week for Bitcoin in the price department.

The same can’t always be said about the altcoins, as they need a bullish Bitcoin to note any real gains of their own. This week, it became apparent that some of the bigger exchanges will introduce drastic changes. An interesting turn of events, albeit one that won’t harm the industry all that much.

Binance Exits the US

It was a matter of time until a big crypto trading platform decided to leave the United States behind. Despite being a country where there is plenty of Bitcoin and altcoin activity, it is evident the ongoing geo-political tensions make for an uneasy situation. Binance, currently the biggest trading platform in this industry, will bar US users in the next few months. However, this does not mean the company is abandoning its large US-based community either. A dedicated US-oriented trading platform will be created in the near future. While details are still scarce, it seems to indicate the altcoins will not have too much excitement to push them higher until the dust settles. For now, no major sell-offs are to be expected, albeit one never knows what the coming weeks may bring.

Bittrex Makes More Tokens Inaccessible to US Users

There appears to be a genuine crusade going on against cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the United States. Altcoin traders who frequent the Bittrex platform will see another few dozen tokens become inaccessible to them in less than two weeks from now. This news comes on the heels of 32 other tokens becoming inaccessible more recently. Among the list of newly mentioned tokens are the likes of Civic, Gnosis,, NXT, TenX, and several others. These assets can still be traded on Bittrex International, but the main platform will no longer provide these pairs to customers in the United States. Most of these tokens were sold through Initial Coin Offerings, which may have something to do with this recent decision.

Limited Availability of Tokens

Based on the information currently available, it seems users will need to look beyond Bittrex (except the International version) and Poloniex to get their trading in. Coinbase only provides exposure to so many tokens and assets, which doesn’t make it the ideal choice. It seems that Kraken, eToro, and Huobi may see a small increase in users, although they too lack support for most tokens. All of this goes to show things are changing rapidly behind the scenes of the cryptocurrency industry. Only time will tell if these changes are for better or worse, as the opinions remain rather divided on that front. Once Binance’s US-oriented platform comes online, things may look up again. Until then, it seems likely javascript:void(0)y most of the smaller altcoins will see a lot of price fluctuations, either for better or worse.

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Altcoin What is an altcoin?

Altcoin | What is an altcoin?


These days, everybody talks about altcoins.

Indeed, bitcoin is no longer a profitable coin to mine if you don’t have the specialized hardware. Therefore, people are looking for easier coins to mine. And with the large choice available, it’s not that simple to find the best altcoin to mine. But let’s start at the beginning: What is an altcoin?

Definition of altcoin

What is altcoin? The term altcoin, or alt coin, comes from ALTernative COIN (I also read about alternate coin sometimes). While some people use this term to define cryptocurrencies in general, I prefer to keep it as an alternative to bitcoin. Indeed, bitcoin is the first digital currency and, as such, is the reference. And all the newcomers are alternatives.

Bitcoin alternatives

Bitcoin is not the only crypto-coin anymore. Indeed, since 2009, many new coins have hit the market. And all these new coins are alt coins. And the first alternative currency is the namecoin, which is based on the decentralization of domain name registration. The first clone of bitcoin, litecoin, is available since October 2011. And there are more than 700 cryptographic currencies available on the market today. While many of them are not worth much (or are simply scams like onecoin), some of them could make you rich!

Founding principles of altcoins

In the cryptomoney industry, there are founding principles each coin has to respect, such as decentralization and total transparency. Therefore, a true cryptocurrency always has a blockchain, or chain of blocks. And its code is generally available to the whole community. Furthermore, the community is in charge of all major decisions on the future of the currency, which should respect the specifications defined when creating the currency. As a result, if you find a “crypto-currency” that has neither a block chain nor free software available, it’s NOT an altcoin. But it’s most certainly a scam to extort money from you, using the reputation of the bitcoin.

What altcoins to invest in?

While you could buy many coins from many unknown altcoins, it’s a risky investment. Therefore, if you want to buy altcoins, you should focus on the currencies which have a daily trade volume of at least 100,000 USD. To play it safer, you could invest in the most serious alt-coins, with a daily exchange volume of more than a million dollars such as ethereum, ripple, litecoin, monero, Factom or Zcash. Since the currencies are dynamic, you should study their prices regularly before buying altcoins. And don’t forget to invest only what you can afford to lose!

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